The eighty years old Martha is depressed after her husband passed away. She visits Bern with her friend and decides to fulfill her long forgotten dream of owning a Lingerie boutique.

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Ausländer müssen beweisen, dass sie „schweizerischer“ als Schweizer sind; Einbürgerungsbeamte zeigen sich als gnadenlose Bürokraten.

On this page you will find a long list of Swiss German movies which you can use as Swiss German learning aid.

Belli visits him to teach and after a while they start to sleep with each other. It’s a good movie, full of beautiful shots of Alps and nature.

Get it here Broken Silence is a Swiss German movie from 1995 directed by Wolfgang Panzer. He has spent 25 years in a Swiss monastery under a vow of silence and meditation.

He wants to go there to get accepted into a school for Sumo wrestlers.

Hiro finally convinces Anton by threatening him with his lease termination.

) is a Swiss 1978 comedy film directed by Rolf Lyssy.

The movie deals with the many woes of foreigners who decide to obtain Swiss nationality but are forced to deal with bureaucratic and cultural barriers.

Released from his vows, he begins his journey to find the owner.

Turns out she now lives somewhere in the mountains of Indonesia.

Belli, the daughter, wants to become a teacher, but is forced to teach her deaf brother Franzi.