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Short wave infrared (SWIR) imagers generally use reflected light to image a scene.

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Because Trijicon® products contain tritium and many have military applications, exportation outside of the United States is controlled by one or more federal agencies.

Some Compact ACOG models can also be used with the “Cluster Rail” system if it is equipped with the extended rail section.

There are several other Trijicon products that can be mounted directly to the “Cluster Rail” of the SOCOM II such as the Reflex, Tri Power and Accu Point.

We want to make you aware that inferior products (knock-offs) are occasionally advertised for sale to our customers as Trijicon® products.

Genuine Trijicon® ACOG® scopes can be identified by three distinguishing characteristics: We encourage you to buy our products from an authorized Trijicon® dealer to insure that you are getting a genuine Trijicon® product.

For leakage testing “all optics and other electrical devices were subjected to waterproof testing to 70 feet to determine device capabilities”. Trijicon recommends the TA70 mount when using an ACOG with a M14/M1A type weapon.

A TA70 mount can be used on the Springfield Armory SOCOM II if the “Cluster Rail” is replaced with a standard hand guard.

Sometimes a little extra pressure is needed to make sure the scope is completely touching the base of the handle.

The reticle pattern can be changed, however, this requires the installation of a new prism assembly into the ACOG scope.

The perceived distortion will be more or less depending on an individual's eyesight.