The top floor has a wall full of framed love letters and drawings from David Hemmings.Her house is for sale and she's buying a smaller one nearby.Today, Tessa still looks remarkably like the untamed, bold, young beauty who partied all night and slept all day.

Unflappable, loyal, Scottish Maureen came into Tessa's life when her eldest child, the beautiful Sophie, was a baby.

She's kept the family together and, at times, been a surrogate mother.

At 15 Tessa rebelled, ran away twice from boarding school and got expelled.

After her promiscuous London years, she married rich Boston businessman James Kelly, who was 18 years older, and they had two children, Clover, now 19, and Luke, 17.

I interviewed Roald Dahl around that time at Gipsy Cottage in Buckinghamshire, where Tessa grew up, and he was both beguiling and frightening.

I can see that a child would yearn for his approbation but be terrified of provoking his displeasure.I was in a wheelchair for a year and my face and body were so bloated I never thought I'd look all right again.' However, a month ago she returned to Britain after months in rehab in Arizona, and this time she believes that her recovery is permanent.Last year she seemed stable and her family hoped that the nightmare was over but she had a relapse and was taken unconscious into hospital. We meet at her enchanting three-storey house in the High Street of a village near Oxford.Her father had an affair with Pat's best friend, Felicity Crosland, and Tessa overheard a passionate phone call between them.Her father asked her to keep his secret, but later, under her mother's relentless questioning, guiltily admitted the truth.It's hard to live up to a dead child.' Then, when her mother was bathing nine-year-old Tessa, Pat had a massive stroke and changed from an incandescent beauty into a shambling, terrifying freak.