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By this move, Daksh becomes very angry at her and treats her poorly.

Once Naina reaches Mumbai she attends her friend's wedding, and that's when she makes up her mind of starting a business of a wedding planner.

Their relationship eventually turns romantic, even though Daksh has to navigate the difficulties of Naina almost getting married to his cousin and his own impending (arranged) wedding to another young woman, Sonakshi. Naina with the help of Akruti reveal the truth but in the process, Naina and Daksh's affair is exposed - leading Naina to leave the house. They get back together but Daksh says that he loved Naina, loves Naina and will always love Naina.

Daksh confesses to Naina that he loves her but she is hesitant because Daksh is already engaged to Sonakshi. He tells clearly that he would never marry Sonakshi, after which Sonaksi attempts suicide but is saved.

Aii seems to have been inspired by Naina's mature and naive nature.

Naina wanted a place to live in Mumbai so Aii offers to take her as a PG (paying guest) at her house.

On her journey to Mumbai she meets the main protagonist Daksh Patwardhan on a train.

She was sitting in Daksh's seat as she did not have a ticket; she makes up an excuse to the ticket conductor by saying that Daksh is her husband.

The plot centers around the life of Naina Bhardwaj who was raised by her late father and her stepmother who tended to be emotionally cold.