For the married men reading this, the same advice applies to you.We see you liking our sexy pics..your hand off the like button and stick to living in the real world with your loving partner.This choice offers more level of privacy and a chance to keep not noticed if you find the physical appearance from your conversation disagreeable.

I’m here to tell you there’s a cheeky new online dating platform with a much higher strike rate, one that you likely use around 5243 times a day. RELATED: Mel Greig announces separation from her husband RELATED: Is Dan Ewing dating Mel Greig?

RELATED: Mel Greig compares Tinder to "free prostitution"‘Liking’ on Instagram is the new [Facebook] ‘Poke’ to getting a man’s attention. And there are single men ready and waiting to see your ‘Likes’ pop up in their notifications.

Allow me to explain the five crucial steps to Instagram ‘dating’ success. Step 1: Have a stalk through Instagram and ‘follow’ a few guys that you’ve had your eye on – the algorithm should serve up mutual friends or accounts your mates are currently following.

Note: It’s ok to follow a few, just in case you don’t get a 100 per cent hit rate with responses you’ll have backup options.

I've never been comfortable with having my personal life in the public domain.''However, Mel's fellow former Spice Girls singer Mel B isn't quite as reserved when it comes to speaking about her private life as she recently admitted she has experimented with women in the past.

When asked about straight women who had become lesbians, the 39-year-old singer said: ''Yeah.

Over the past few years we have relied on Facebook’s ‘Poke’ button to indicate to someone we are keen. Surprisingly, seeing that ‘Mark has Poked you’ in your notifications was never a thrill – go Poke yourself, mate. The ‘Poke’ on Facebook is now reserved for online creepers.

As I’ve discovered (*wink*), the best way to show someone you’re interested is to ‘Like’ their pics on Instagram BUT there are rules, ladies.

Would you like to achieve success in your internet dating happenings?