So if you are going to ask an Aries out—just do it!

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Sagittarius: All The World Is Their Oyster Got your passport?

Some candles to burn during the all night philosophy session? Sagittarius is the traveling bohemian of the Zodiac, and to pin down this inquisitive sign—well, forget the pins and just go along for the ride.

They are probably going to want kiddos, so if that isn’t on your menu, be upfront about that.

Leos are truly magnificent in the right relationship—giving, generous, and kind.

Astrology Advice When people find out I’m an astrologer, they usually say, “Wow, that’s cool! Then: “Can you tell me what type is right for my sign?

” This question used to bug me because there is so much more to a person than their Sun sign, but then I realized—this is a great way to connect with astrology in a practical way, and there really are some universal truths you can apply to the Sun signs.Leos will likely want a partnership that continues to reflect them, even as they grow into more self-love.Like Aries, they need room to do their thing, but they want you to be supportive and involved.It just needs to tap into something they are currently curious about.Sexually, Sag is one of the signs more suited to polyamory, and they definitely have an easy-come-easy-go attitude toward lovers.The thing is, Sag won’t stick around in a stale relationship.