There is somethuig mythological about their conceptions, even in the case of Origen, however important a thmker he may be in comparison with other ancients.

His conceptions of Christianity dominated the East for some time, but an Origenist Christianity would never have influenced the modern world.

The Latin Church preserved always the simple tra- dition of three distinct Persons and one divine Essence.

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They were signed in that citjr, but were not produced at the Council of Chalcedon m the following year.

Thence- forward the custom is fixed, and it is unnecessary to give examples.

In the East the council is succeeded by a conspiracy of silence; the Orientals will not use the word.

Even Alexandria, which had kept to the doc- trine of Dionysius of Rome, is not convinced that the policy was good, and Athanasius spends his life in fightmg for Nica^a, yet rarely uses the crucial word.

It takes half a century for the Easterns to digest it; and when they do so, they do not make the most of its meaning.

It is curious how little interest even Athanasius shows in the Unity of the Trinity, which he scarcely mentions except when quoting the Dio- nysii; it is Didymus and the Cappadocians who word Trinitarian doctrine in the manner since consecrated by the centuries — three hypostases, one usia; but this is merely the conventional translation of the ancient Latin formula, though it was new to the East.

Sufficit enim voliis sanctorum Patrum vestigia sequi, et illorum dicta firraa tenere fide. Scriptura; tractatores et prajcipui Cliristiani B fidei doctores ad perpetuam posteris scriptiun reliquerunt memoriam." ("lassification of Patristic Writings.

Illi enim in Domino nostri exstiterunt doctores in fide et due- tores ad vitam; quorum et sapientia Spiritu Dei plena libris legitur inscripta, et vita meritorum miraculis clara et sanctissima; quorum aniraa; apud Deum Dei Filium, D. — In oriier to get a good view of the patristic period, the l'"atliers may be divided in various ways.

Both sets were carefully verified from the library of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and sealed.